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Our AI Rates Programmers & Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes.

Are you tired of investing time, resources, and energy into vetting, interviewing, and hiring the wrong programmers? Everything you need to know about a programmer is in their GitHub. By developing novel AI methods, we've made it possible to evaluate their skills automatically.



Rankode ranks the code of your future developers and draws conclusions about their skills and expertise.

Recruiting processes are 10 times more challenging in IT than in any other industry. It's an ever-changing and ever-evolving market where the search for tech talent is a growing issue. Rankode allows you to analyze any programmer's source files or public git repository, like GitHub, enabling you to understand their level of experience, knowledge, coding ethics, and whether or not they're the best fit for your company's needs.

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Focus on high-quality candidates


Maximize your resources


Expand your reputation

All you have to do is upload a zipped project or paste a link to the candidate’s GitHub or any other git repository; our machine learning tools will analyze their work, and you’ll receive a report ranking them.


Rankode is unbiased, retains zero personal data and can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements!


Cut your recruitment time in half, super-boost your retention and hire the best programmers everytime!

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Best job. Best candidate.
Best process.

A resume cannot measure expertise, experience and enthusiasm or a candidate's interview performance. With Rankode, you can evaluate a developer's skills without bias and offer them the job best fit for them. Rankode also helps you promote your in-house IT specialists and create a fair ensemble of metrics for all your HR processes. Be 100% confident about the candidates you meet and focus on creating the best work environment for them to thrive.

Define your ideal candidate  and attract them.

“Finding qualified candidates” is the number one challenge recruiters face in 2022 (CodinGame, 2022). While recruitment budgets are increasing, tech recruiters are struggling to hire programmers. It’s no longer practical to filter too strictly and leave candidates with excellent potential by the wayside. Companies are updating their criteria to widen the pool as the market tightens. Rankode assists you in locating the most promising talents to acquire and train.

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Accurate, actionable metrics at your disposal

"Superior talent is up to eight times more productive" (McKinsey, 2017). Invest in a straightforward talent acquisition process by using accurate and actionable metrics. Rankod helps you determine a candidate's affinity with a job opening and evaluate their learning ability. Other metrics comprise language fluency, expressiveness and coding style.


Smart and simple tech recruitment.

As a recruiter, you need to work smarter, not harder. You need to implement a system that takes care of the heavy lifting in helping you source and hire developers. It's time you connect your company with the right audience. Become a better, trustful and effective tech recruiter, and save time, money and company resources. Use Rankode and avoid prolonged recruitment phases, guesswork and unreliable applications.



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