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Struggling to Hire Candidates who can Code?


We've got it covered.


Ditch long and tedious technical skills reviews. Rankode ranks your candidates programming skills so you can focus on everything else.

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It's an awesome and innovative way to know where your skills are at, [...], and what needs to be improved. I really liked the visuals!

Paula M., Python Developer (Brazil)


Keep control of your hiring process.


In tech, managing your hiring process effectively is critical to finding the perfect fit for your team. Rankode helps you maintain control and streamline your hiring process.

Data-driven Insights.

Access valuable data and analytics to track your hiring progress. Gain insights into your candidates' skill levels, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and continually optimize your hiring strategy.

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Paulina B.



Easily review your candidates technical skills.


AI-Powered Tech Skills Analysis.

Say goodbye to countless hours spent sifting through resumes wondering who are the best candidates. Rankode leverages advanced artificial intelligence models to analyze resumes, extract their public repository details and identify top candidates based on their source code. Review their technical skills and let our easy-to-understand reports guide you in selecting the most qualified individuals for interviews.


Always hire the best.


Centralized Candidate Tracking.

Rankode is your command center, providing a centralized platform to track and manage all skills reports. From initial code analysis to final hiring decisions, the app keeps everything organized in one place. Your candidates are ranked by skills and seniority so you never miss the best fit for a job!


Are your a developer looking to evaluate your coding skills?

Try it today.

Rankode provides you with actionable insights on your strengths and areas of improvement.


Designed for Easy Hires

Tech Talent Acquisition

Tech recruitment processes are 10 times more challenging than in any other industry. They involve more people, time and resources than necessary. Rankode reviews the code of candidates you’ve identified, evaluates their programming and draws conclusions about their expertise.

And because we like it simple, everything you need is the link of their public portfolio, such as GitHub or Bitbucket.


Transparent pricing




Up to 20 reports a month
Immediate analysis
Access to Rankode app



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