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The Future Of IT Recruitment Is Here

Two colleagues working on product design.

Our Mission

As IT and programming professionals and business owners, we understand the struggle and the dilemmas that you, as an IT recruiter, are put in every single day. You’re responsible for hiring the right people that will help the business achieve its results, so if the third part of that equation isn’t fulfilled, it’s all on you.

We strive to innovate new solutions that can facilitate the job of IT recruiters, help them find high-quality candidates, understand if they’re the right people or not from the get-go, and start investing their time and resources into candidates with the skill set and experience to fit the role.

This way, we can help everyone move in the right direction instead of wasting the time of more exclusive professionals in the business, the programmers themselves, and performing a “pulling” operation on the wrong candidate.

Our Purpose

With most off-the-shelf code analysis solutions being generic, very inaccurate, and relying heavily on the coding skill of the user to analyze the imported source code, rankode is entirely machine learning-driven.


We harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to create a source code analysis solution that learns the patterns, structure, styles, and experience levels of programmers with every new scan and provides more accurate results as the database grows larger.


By using machine learning, we guarantee a source code analysis experience that grows and evolves the more recruiters use it and requires minimal input from recruiters to provide pinpoint accurate results.

An developer working on some code.
A team meeting in a conference room.

Our Story

The team behind rankode is passionate about the IT industry, creating solutions that serve real needs and solve real problems and experimenting with software that evolves itself. When creating rankode, we saw the problems most IT recruiters face daily, including the delay in establishing contacts with candidates, interviews, wrong decisions, and much more.


To us, this didn’t just affect recruiters and their reputation; it also meant that the right programmers never got the opportunities they deserved. As a result, promising startups never got the experience they needed to grow!


We decided to do something about it, as we can’t let skilled recruiters fail, experienced programmers stay undiscovered, and startups never take off. That’s how rankode came to life, as a solution to a bigger problem starting with the seed.


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