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A Value-Packed System With All The Tools Any IT Recruiter Needs

Rankode is a one-of-a-kind tool that recruiters of all kinds can use. Unlike most solutions out on today’s market, which require an experienced programmer to manually analyze someone’s source code, Rankode is designed with IT recruiters who don’t have any coding experience in mind.


Built-in programmer rating system

Based on their entire programming skills, structure, and style, Rankode ranks every candidate of yours based on the model advancement sets, which are junior, middle, and senior, giving you crystal clear insight into their abilities, the salary they might expect, and their position in your team.


Machine learning-powered code review system

Rankode utilises deep code understanding capabilities to analyse patterns, structures, styles, and metaphors in the source code to rate the programmers more accurately!

All this is thanks to our machine learning technology, which we trained with over 10,000,000 lines of code to provide precise predictions.


Accurate metrics and analysis

Rankode scientifically analyses a programmer’s source code. This allows you to clearly classify a candidate, learn more about their programming skills, and compare their expertise to what you need.


A straightforward system that anybody can use 

When creating Rankode, we wanted any IT recruiter with any skill set and expertise to use it to its full potential without letting their lack of coding knowledge stand in their way. That’s why it’s a completely automated interface that requires no manual analysis and zero coding experience!


Evaluate the authenticity and creativity of every candidate 

Not only will Rankode analyze the efficiency, richness, and overall structure of the code, but it will also measure the creativity behind the way it’s done and whether the programmer has their own self-adopted methods or they’re following generic, standard procedures of writing their code.


Analyze public repositories 

Instead of establishing personal contacts with developers to start convincing them to take tests, solve problems, and understand their skill set. You can use Rankode to analyze their public source code on platforms like Github!

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