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Become the best at hiring the best. With Rankode, find your candidates and we'll help you select the right fit for your team.

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What is analyzed in source code ?


Sample volume is the quantity of code you’ve submitted. We require a minimum of 500 lines for the code sample to be sufficient for review and assessment. 

Tip: This is an easy one to pass. The more code you provide, the more accurate the rank is.



We've built Rankode so you don't have to.


Our models are original, our AI is unique

Our code assessment technology is based on robust original Machine Learning models. We have trained our AI on millions of lines of code to ensure the highest accuracy. For you and for your candidates.


95% accuracy.

Determining the quality of source code and a programmer's skill level is a multifaceted process. We have identified 6 technical attributes to ensure accuracy and ease of comprehension within our report. After reviewing a coding project according to these attributes, our AI generates a final evaluation revealing the level of programming expertise in the source code submitted.

Great code, better recruiting processes.

Rankode reviews source code from a zip file or GitHub access to assess a developer's coding skills. Try our solution for professionals to streamline your recruitment process and search for high-profile programmers, avoid coding tests, monitor your team's progress, and create a fairer environment for your interviews.

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