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Show recruiters,
you're the BEST


What is Rankode?

Rankode provides you with a report assessing your programming skills level.

We’ve designed our report as a business card created especially for developers by developers. Add it to your job applications and impress potential employers.

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Why use Rankode?

Take control of your Tech career.

Discover your strengths.

Grow your areas of improvement.

Learn where you stand on the job market.

Build your reputation.

Show employers you’ve got what it takes.


Get your report & share your results with job recruiters.

Rankode is the heart of a network of people


Rankode delivers high-value code assessments.


We believe in creating a solution for all developers to defend their work, show recruiters why they’re the best pick, and land their dream job.

Receive a detailed report of your skills for only $39.


We invite you to attach our report to your resume and invite your potential employers to receive a detailed explanation of our analysis and ratings.

How does Rankode work?


Start by selecting a project.


Make sure your code (min. 500 lines snippet) is production-ready, and guarantee your success by doubling down on testing and debugging it.

To give you an extra boost, we’ve put together a list of 9 tips and techniques to help you write code more efficiently.


Then, put your code to the test.

Once you’re feeling confident in the quality of your code, it’s time to put it to the test.


Click the “Start Now” button below and get access to our uploading page.


From there, choose to either upload a zip project or connect to your GitHub account. Rankode's analysis AI will then assess your code, giving you valuable feedback to help hone your skills to the next level.

Ready? Find out how good you really are, at coding.

“Sure, seems easy enough. But how do I land a job?”
To help you navigate the recruiting world,
we’ve prepared some True/False q
uestions for you.

1. Sending my resume is enough. 


Not really! As a junior developer, your resume is hardly enough to attract recruiters’ attention. Most of the time, candidates have little experience and nothing to show that will make them pop. But you can show uniqueness! Recruiters love candidates that walk the extra mile. All it takes is an extra effort to create and publish short and production-ready coding projects. The benefits of a portfolio such as a GitHub account are numerous! You’ll stand out from the crowd, improve your skills and invest in your future as an IT specialist. Stand out from the competition and provide recruiters with a new piece of information about you: your Rankode report. Everything they need to know about your skills is in your code. It’s time to let it talk!

2. Companies don’t hire junior developers.


No! All companies need juniors! However, sourcers and recruiters spend a lot of time searching for Senior Devs because while they’re less challenging to identify, they’re more complex to attract. Additionally, most recruiting agencies are commissioned, and recruiting senior workers generate better revenues. But it’s impossible to run a company without junior developers; they’re the first layer of the IT workforce. Make sure you understand the field you want to work with and develop tools, designs, and concepts that your peers could use in their daily job.

3. Junior developers need to hop jobs to get promoted.


Well, this one is true and false. It’s true because most promotions are granted to workers outside the company in today’s market. This favors job hoppers who will do a better job at selling their skills and mindsets to recruiters looking to hire the new rockstar. But it’s also a risky business with severe limitations. A little is good but too much can seriously damage your career. It takes an average of six months for an employee to be fully productive in a new position. In these conditions, employers and recruiters will see serial job hopping as a red flag. Why invest in recruiting someone who’s gonna leave in less than 18 months? To efficiently climb to the top, stay in your position for a minimum of two years and keep an open communication channel with your direction. Finally, the recruitment process is a two-way road. After a couple of years of experience, you’re no longer a newbie, but you’ve become a valuable asset to companies. Be demanding in the positions you approach, and select only your top employers. Along the way of your career, keep rating your code with Rankode and compare your reviews altogether. This will be a strong testimony of your professional growth and will go a long way to help you negotiate a better position within your company, or not.

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