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Why hiring a talented Junior developer in today’s market is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Many recruiters go into the hiring process with the “Only hire the best” mindset, and get screwed over because, yes, they’re looking for the best, but they don’t know who that is or how to point them out in a crowd.

Everyone is looking at the wrong signals.

They rely on the university or learning facility that candidates went to, years of experience, and previous projects. They think that these factors make some candidates better than others when the most talented can have zero experience and have studied at a community college.

You’re not the only one who’s after talented Juniors.

Today, with more startups, tech companies, and corporate businesses chasing developers and talented programmers, the talent has the upper hand, making it much more difficult for recruiters to find the middle ground.

When hiring junior developers, everyone wants that superstar. The ones that have been working on themselves and their skills since they were 17 and got on the passion train way earlier than anyone else.

Guess what's standing in the way? Your outdated process.

With today’s time-consuming interviews, hiring process, and shortage of candidates, many recruiters hire someone to fill the role without being sure they’re the right fit for long-term growth.

That leads to high turnover rates, as after months of recruitment, the company and the employee find out that they’re not a match, and then the company has to do it all again.

How can you make your life easier and your process more accurate?

You can start employing advanced source code analysis tools such as Rankode, which cut your hiring process in half by letting you skip the interviews, the months of making connections, and the endless offers and jump straight to results!

Everything you need to learn about a developer or programmer can be known from afar by analyzing their online public projects, giving you a much more immediate and accurate insight into their skill level and their experience.

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