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How the Big Leagues in Silicon Valley manage to hire superstars, and how you can too.

Have you ever wondered how companies like Google, Apple, PayPal, and Dell always manage to find the right people for the right positions?

You can argue that they're hiring the best recruiters in the industry, that their names are enough to attract the most sought-after talent, and that with their budget, anything is possible.

However, suppose you've tried recruiting tech talent. In that case, you know that most small businesses and startups are usually fighting over candidates, while more prominent companies are effortlessly targeting the right people for their positions.

How exactly are they doing it?

Quit the recruitment rat race. The answer is right in front of you!

You're mistaken if you thought that Silicon Valley companies would waste their time and resources and potentially hinder their projects to find tech talent.

Today, over 98% of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment software, and 94% state that it has impacted their hiring process positively.

These companies use advanced technologies that have always been available exclusively for the upper level of recruitment, which is source code analysis.

So instead of funneling down candidates, filtering them out with multiple tests, and then having to pick from 10-15 perfectly qualified professionals, they analyze their public repositories. Within minutes, they can decide if a candidate is in or out.

Luckily today, the same technologies that big companies use are available to everyone.

With softwares like Rankode, tech recruiters with any level of experience can follow the same path as large-scale companies and stop wasting resources on the wrong candidates.

You find a programmer's public source code, read through the metrics that Rankode provides you with, and gain a clear insight into their skill set, style, and methodology.

Once you start using Rankode, you'll join the 68% of recruiters who state that investing in new recruitment technology is your best shot at improving your accuracy and performance.

It's as easy and cost-effective as that.

Want to give it a shot yourself? Book a demo to learn more about Rankode and how it can fit into your next project!


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