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Is it impossible to find the right programmers in 2023?

A board with two arrows saying "Awesome" and "Less awesome".
@Jon Tyson

Twenty years ago, when programmers felt thankful to have a job in the industry, companies could find candidates the next day a vacancy was created.

Fast forward to today, and every coding guru online advises other programmers and developers to change jobs every 1.5 or 2 years, with half a dozen different companies ready to hire them the second they choose.

Why? Because more and more business and startup owners realize how having the right people with the proper skill set helps them grow exponentially. And the truth is, it’s working.

73% of developers are interested in hearing about new positions, according to StackOverflow.

In perspective, in 2030, we’re expected to have more than 85 million jobs that could stay unfilled because there isn’t enough skilled talent to hire.

Not only that, but if you manage to lure the superstar candidate your competition is after, you’ve gained an instant competitive advantage that will keep pushing you forward.

Time to massively step up your game to target "The Right One" all the time.

With more and more candidates becoming incredibly more qualified as technology advances, you, as a recruiter, need to build your own hiring pipeline to start focusing on specific candidates that are fit for your position.

Especially after the rise of the gig economy and so many talented professionals starting their own businesses and startups, companies now need to offer a lot more to give talent enough reasons to join.

If you don’t, the demand for programmers and developers is set to increase by 21% in 2028, so it will only get more difficult from here.

And no, I’m not saying to keep raising your salaries and benefits; it’s about establishing a purpose, vision, and mission that tech talent can stand behind and support, a cause that they can belong to.

You need the right compass to guide you in this treasure hunt: finding the right candidates.

Remember, before putting in all that effort to compete for tech talent, you have to understand whether they’re worth the hustle or not.

To achieve that, I recommend using Rankode: A source code analysis tool that allows you to understand everything you need to know about a programmer or developer from their public repositories.

With Rankode, you can save yourself from going a long way down the wrong way and start taking the right steps to attract the right candidates.

Check out Rankode today, and start investing your time, money, and resources into hiring and focusing on the perfect candidates for your position!


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