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Why source code analysis automation is possible and how does it help recruiters NAIL their decision?

©Stephen Dawson

Today, anyone can start reading an essay, an article, or a simple letter and understand the writer’s skills in English writing. Why? Because 1.35 billion people speak English worldwide, not everyone speaks Python.

Python and programming languages are called that for a reason: They have their own rules for writing, sentence formation, grammar, and articles of speech. Of course, those aren’t technical terms, but they serve the same purposes.

If a senior Python developer reads and scans a beginner’s code, they will know exactly their level of skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

What if the recruiter is NOT a Python expert and has never written a line of code in their life?

If the recruiter isn’t an expert in Python, it’ll be exactly like handing an English essay to a non-English speaker to analyze and rate the writer’s skills: It just won’t work, and you’ll be making decisions in the dark, and hoping for the best.

That’s why a solution like Rankode exists; with a few simple algorithms and analysis methods, it allows all recruiters and business owners to analyze someone’s source code just like an English professor would rate your essay!

Nowadays, natural language processing, which is the ability of a computer program to analyze, process, understand, and interpret human language, can perform question-answering and sentiment analysis, translate languages, summarize text, and extract data from documents. However, from the technical perspective, there is no difference if English, Spanish, German, or Python language is being analyzed.

Why automate this process instead of letting an expert handle it? Because an analysis that could take days now takes seconds and provides clear, accurate insights into the candidate’s abilities from their public source codes!

Cherry on top? Everyone can access Rankode!

Most new technologies that we hear about are either too good to be true or exclusive to governments and Silicon Valley. However, Rankode is available for any recruiter, company, or developer to use as soon as today.


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